In this shoot we want to show you the oh-so beautiful Amsterdam at its magical golden hour.

Our cool kid Dana, stunning as she is, is captured walking around an area close to the red light district. A scenery like this never gets old and always gives the camera want she needs. Dana is wearing our newest model which we crowned: “the bullfighter”. This latest model of ours is different from our fedora in many aspects. The brim is slightly bigger, the wool slightly thicker and its form is totally different. This hat is designed for all our ladies out there who dare to be different and have a passion for hats!  These pictures are shot by Nathalie Tamaëla, a local and talented photographer who just started collaborating with Old Habits Die Hard.

The Bullfighter hat is available in 3 sizes (S, M and L). All the straps that we offer are adjustable and will therefore also fit our new-released model. For the shoot we chose to use the black leather strap “The X” because it is the signature of our beloved city of Amsterdam. We hope you enjoy our shoot and LOVE our new hat which will be available in our shop very soon. For those who can’t wait to wear the bullfighter hat, feel free to send us an email at!

Have a great day!