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The Straw Iconic - Limited Eclipse

The Straw Iconic Limited Eclipse straw hat is a unique hat inspired by the solar eclipses. With The Eclipse hat you will be the...

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-50% off

Mystic Violet

The Flat Cap Mystic Violet is a flat cap for all of those who love to add some colour to an everyday outfit. Add...
€59,95 €29,97

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-30% off

The Bullfighter - Jungle Fever

The Bullfighter Jungle Fever wool hat is a summer must have. If you get a fever, you might as well get the Jungle Fever!...
€159,95 €111,96

The Bullfighter - Dizzle Desert

You can’t go wrong with The Bullfighter Dizzle Desert hat. The Bullfighter Dizzle Desert is the perfect round, wool hat in a camel colour....


The Flat Cap Stracciatella is a timeless flat cap. Sweet as the ice cream, this flat cap is a musthave for any fashionista. Whether...

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The Traveller - Green Forest

The Traveller Green Forest is an ode to travelling. Imagine yourself stumbling upon Joshua trees and a cactus-dotted desert in California, feeling the scorching...

The Iconic - Smooth Shadow

The Iconic Smooth Shadow fedora hat is a bestseller at Old Habits Die Hard. This popular, sand coloured hat is a timeless addition to...
-30% off

The Iconic – Night Scene

The Iconic Night Scene is the hat to bring for a good time. Imagine this: Flashing lights, funky music, people are happy, dancing and...
€149,95 €104,96
-30% off

Salt and Pepper

The Flat Cap Salt and Pepper is a flat cap in a black and white herringbone style. You can't go wrong with a cap....
€69,95 €48,96

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Gift Voucher

The gift card by Old Habits Die Hard is the perfect gift for those of us who can’t choose what hat to gift! Please...
van €25,00
-30% off

The Iconic - Morning Dew

The Iconic Morning Dew is inspired by early morning walks in a field of grass. Imagine yourself on a walk on a crisp winter...
€149,95 €104,96

The Bullfighter - Black Pearl

The Bullfighter Black Pearl round hat is a style staple that you can’t go wrong with. Whether it’s your starter piece or you are...

The Classic - Dizzle Desert

The fedora hat The Classic Dizzle Dessert can’t be missed in the wardrobe of a hat lover. This timeless and neutral hat is a...


The Flat Cap Vanilla is a modern twist on a versatile flat cap. There's nothing wrong with some plain vanilla. We love wearing this...

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-30% off

Peony Pink

The Flat Cap Peony Pink is a powder pink flat cap. Add a romantic touch to your everyday outfits. No matter the season or...
€59,95 €41,96

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-30% off

The Iconic - Sugar Rush

The Iconic Sugar Rush is inspired by the sugar rush you would get when you had one too many sweets at your grandma's house....
€149,95 €104,96

The Bullfighter - La Bonita

The Bullfighter La Bonita is the spicy sister of The Bullfighter Black Pearl. Dare to be different, dare to stand out! This unique and...

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The Bandana - The Story Of

The Bandana The Story Of is a silk bandana scarf imbues designs that symbolise the rich Portuguese culture and their way of life. A...

The Classic - Toasted Coconut

The Classic Toasted Coconut fedora hat is inspired by sandy beaches, with a coconut in hand. This wool hat is a must have for...

The Bullfighter - Off-white

The Bullfighter Off-White is the perfect, wool hat. You can’t go wrong with a white hat! Whether you’re a new hat lover or are...

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