The Balero – Toasted Coconut

Let us introduce you to the Balero Toasted Coconut. This brown hat is inspired by the Balero hats originally made in Cordoba, Spain in the seventeenth century. These hats were worn by laborers to shield themselves from the sun. Nowadays these Balero hats are widely adopted into Andalusian culture. The Balero Toasted Coconut is 8 cm wide.


Personalize your hat and differentiate yourself from the rest. Finish your hat off with one of Old Habits Die Hard’s unique handmade straps.


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This Balero Toasted Coconut hat is made of 100% wool and has been worked to be water resistant. The 8 cm width brim has been strengthened to persist its quality. The Balero hat contains an adjustable cord on the inside of the hat for the perfect fit.


S (54), M (56), L (58), XL (60)


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