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Who are we? How can we differentiate in an already satisfied and swift-changing market? How can we keep surprising our customers in the future? These are all questions that we have spent a major amount of time on ever since we founded Old Habits Die Hard, or OHDH, in Amsterdam 2015.

We see ourselves as enthusiasts, lovers, but mostly we take great pleasure in creating fashion that we believe in. At OHDH, we are constantly looking for new trends, designs, colors and fabrics which we are using as inspiration for our products. We want to respond to the current hypes with an “old habits” twist. We shall never work according to the existing rules, meaning we shall not present a collection each season. We live in the moment, we design in the moment and we will launch our products at the right moment.

At this moment, we want to focus on headwear. Starting with multiple colored hats and caps. In addition, we designed a numerous amount of handmade straps for our Old Habits hats. The idea behind our straps is that we want to give you the opportunity to change the look of your hat at any time. To us, a hat isn’t a piece you only wear for one season. We want it to become part of your expression and therefore, you need to be able to adjust the look at any time. Although we started with headwear, we are not afraid to try out other items.

We hope you will enjoy our products!

– x x x –
Team Old Habits Die Hard

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