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How To Care for Your Old Habits Die Hard Products

We hope you're happy with your Old Habits Die Hard products. We believe in caring for them to ensure the excellent collection so they have a long lifespan. Our hats, caps and bandanas are crafted with attention to detail and high-quality materials. Proper maintenance not only preserves the appearance, but also maintains their comfort and functionalty. By following a few simple care guidelines, you can keep your favourite Old Habits Die Hard accessories looking fresh and stylish for years to come.

Removing stains off Your hat

Step 1: Take your dirty hat out of the closet.

Step 2: Grab a tea towel and some white spirit.

Step 3: Slightly dampen the towel with the white spirit.

Step 4: Some stains may be larger than others, but it's going to be okay

Step 5: Rub the towel over the stained areas on the hat.

Step 6: Repeat this until all the stains are gone and let your hat dry.

Removing Dust off Your hat

Step 1: Get your dusty hat out of the closet

Step 2: Get your scissors and a roll of tape

Step 3: Cut off a piece of tape and stick it to a dusty spot on your hat

Step 4: In some areas, you may need to apply the tape to the hat multiple times.

Step 5: Repeat this until all the dust is removed from the hat.

Step 6: Et voilà, you have a clean hat that looks like new again!

Reshaping Your hat

Step 1: Take your misshapen hat out of the closet.

Step 2: Grab a steam iron.

Step 3: Release the steam from the iron, but don't hold it too close to the hat.

Step 4: Blow the steam into the hat until it becomes flexible. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Step 5: Shape and reform the brim with your fingers, holding it in place to set the shape.

Step 6: Your hat will be reshaped and look almost like new.

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